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Favorite Recovery Links

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Favorite Recovery Links
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This page contains some favorite recovery based links that are frequented by myself, as well as others who have suggested them.

New Jersey based web site with 24-7 streaming audio of recovery speakers, National News briefs of interest to the recovering community, blog posting, and cool fellowship.

The Na Way magazine in Adobe Acrobat reader format.

The Narcotics Anonymous World Site.

The Spoken Message, This site includes speakers from around the world sharing thier experiences, strengths, and hopes.

Michigan Narcotics Anonymous Home page. Information for regional/area, and meeting times & locations.

The controversial non-approved literature written by addicts about living "The Na Way of Life".

Recovery Net radio. Recovery from an intelligent, entertaining, and humorous point of view.

Key Tags you can email to your friends in recovery to help them celebrate thier clean time!!

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